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Georgeanne Gaffney: Painter; Decorative Artist

People wandering into Georgeanne’s little Main Street gallery find themselves surrounded by paintings that are a romantic, melancholy, passionate celebration of beauty and decay (and the beauty of decay) and in the presence of a woman who has spent the last fifteen years as a decorative artist bringing her personal sense of style, color and mood to the task of creating alternative environments.

Born and educated in Maryland, Georgeanne lived in that state and in California before moving to Saranac Lake five years ago. Inspired by the local landscape and motivated by a receptive audience, she has honed her skills and developed her vision as a fine artist since moving to the Adirondacks. With her husband, Peter Hewes, she feeds her soul and her art by hiking, camping, biking, and canoeing through the landscapes that later find their way onto her canvases. Georgeanne’s favorite color is Autumn.

Georgeanne has a gallery on Main Street in Saranac Lake.

She has two web sites: for fine art; and for decorative art.

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