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Susan Olsen: Painter; Merchant of Artists' Supplies

Susan grew up in Saranac Lake, mostly without a television. Early in life she wanted to be an artist, but was convinced to abandon such silly pretentions by the time she got to college, and majored in English instead. This eminently more practical field of study was also great fun, but the itch to make stuff never left.

After living many other places for many years, she finally came home to Saranac Lake, and realized she had always been an artist after all. In 2007, she opened the store, Borealis Color, to satisfy her lust for art supplies. Her primary media are acrylic paint and pastel, but she dabbles in almost anything. Susan is active in Saranac Lake Art Works, and also writes the blog, “Art Throb,” for North Country Public Radio (

Susan owns and operates Borealis Color on Main Street in Saranac Lake,

Her blog, Art Throb, is at

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