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Tim Fortune: Painter; Promoter of the Arts; Owner of the Small Fortune Studio

The godfather of the Saranac Lake arts community, Tim grew up in this village before venturing into the wide world to study, learn, and grow. To the benefit of us all, he decided to return to Saranac Lake in 1989, and he now operates the Small Fortune Studio on Main Street. Tim works in both oil paints and watercolors, and his pieces are treasured for their complexity, feeling, and mystery.

Of the photos taken in his barn, Tim writes: “After painting in my storefront studio/gallery for the past 15 years, working outdoors or in my barn is a real treat. Space where work is created often has an effect on a final painting. It may be broader in scope, more loosely executed or subtly different than the usual outcome. The barn has an historic nostalgia which can provide depth to the work through the ambiance which only it can provide. It truly is a special place from which to create.”

You can see Tim at work at his Small Fortune Studio, on Main Street in Saranac Lake, most Tuesdays through Saturdays.

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