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Sue Grimm: Musician; Teacher of Music; Composer; Dancer; Naturalist; Lover of Life

Sue is a native of Oswegatchie, N.Y., which, in itself, is reason enough to be included in this exhibition. She was a student at the Crane School of Music, the Eastman School of Music, and SUNY Geneseo, where she received a Masters in Music Librarianship. She then worked as a Music Librarian at Vassar College and as a Library Librarian at SUNY Geneseo, SUNY Canton, and Paul Smiths College before moving into teaching music and making music full time. She has taught more children to play more kinds of instruments than have a right to occupy a town the size of Saranac Lake.

Sue lived her previous life as a Painted Lady butterfly (Vanessa cordui). This has resulted in some interesting karma which she is resolving through her work as the Butterfly House Naturalist at the Adirondack Park Visitors’ Interpretive Center in Paul Smiths. She believes most of all in “living lightly on the land” (like a butterfly) and is inspired most by the “visually gorgeous” Adirondack environment and by others playing music.

Sue can fly in the dark but is attracted to the light.

Here is a link to a YouTube of Sue performing a piece she composed for the Rebecca Kelly Dance Company

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