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Nancy Bernstein: Timber Framer; Illustrator; Musician

Nancy strives to lead by example, from the seven years she spent teaching environmental studies on the Hudson River sloop Clearwater to the way she has created her hillside homestead in Vermontville. The message is to care deeply about the planet that sustains us and too leave as small a footprint as possible.

Nancy combined her love of travel and exploration with her philosophy of leadership and her seawomanship skills by working on education based voyages of ocean-going sailing vessels. She put her timber-framing skills to the task of building such vessels, as well, having worked on the construction of the Clipper ship “Pride of Baltimore.” For the past decade, however, she has built mostly houses, including her own.

Nancy finds inspiration in the Adirondack landscape and in her six-year-old son, Rubin. She plays the banjo, the concertina (appropriate for a sailor), and the fiddle.

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