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Burdette Parks: Photographer; Actor; Writer

Burdette has studied and used photography as both a creative and business tool since 1964—processing and printing his own work from the beginning. For the first thirty-five or so years of photographic career, all processing and printing was done in traditional darkrooms, and that served him well in forming a sound basis for understanding and applying the fundamentals of photography. The work he does now is mostly digital. Images are captured with a Canon G9 or a Nikon D300 DSLR, then downloaded from camera to “digital darkroom” and optimized in PhotoShop Lightroom or Photoshop CS3. The “developed” images are printed on acid-free, archival papers with an Epson 3800 pigment inkjet printer and mounted on acid-free board.

After a decade producing theatre in Texas and a decade roaming the country as a vagabond actor, Burdette has now spent almost two decades living and working in the spectacular natural studio of the Adirondacks and also continues to practice the craft of theater--most recently reincarnated as Benjamin Franklin.

Burdette can be found online at

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