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Every Portal is a Place of Power: McKenzie Pond Boulders

This photo was made at the “McKenzie Pond Boulders”, which are nowhere near the pond but off the McKenzie Pond Road between Saranac Lake and Ray Brook. The individual boulders have been given names by the people who climb them (not me). The one on the right is called “The Far East;” the one on the left, “Not So Much;” the one beyond the portal, “Holly.”[1]

Every Portal is a Place of Power…

What awaits us on the other side? Is it our God? Is it our lover? Is it our last breath? Whatever it is, it is our future. When we come back (if we come back), we will not be the same as when we went through. The doorways we build out of sticks or steel or cement may seem mundane, but the same force flows through them as flows through the portals of the untamed Earth – be it the great stone arch; the cave’s mouth; the rabbit hole. A yogi or a shaman or a witch of high order can look through the open doorway we just passed-without-an-inkling and see a universe unfolding. Even if what is on one side seems the same as what is on the other, it is the passing-through that transforms us – perhaps only by a few cells at a time. The portals of the world beyond our skin evoke the portals we embody. Meditation is a portal. The shamanic trance is a portal. Prayer is a portal. Sex is a portal. Sleep is a portal. The open eye is a portal. And our lives are bracketed by the two most mysterious and powerful portals of all.


[1] Kippy, et al., McKenzie Pond Bouldering Guide, 29 Nov. 2009 <http://www.newenglandbouldering.com/media/McKensieGuide.pdf>
LEICA V-LUX 1, f/10 @ 10.1 mm, 1s, ISO 100, No Flash

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Every Portal is a Place of Power: McKenzie Pond Boulders